It’s very disappointing to describe a Suda51/Grasshopper Manufacture game as looking “hella dull,” but that’s the vibe I’m getting off of “Let It Die.” Besides the fact that it’s a downloadable “free to play” game on a console that requires a paid subscription to play online, it just looks dull in comparison to whatever the hell “Lily Bergamo” was supposed to be—if it’s still even a thing…

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The positives of the NEW Nintendo 3DS outweigh the negatives for me. It’s everything people have been asking for in a Nintendo handheld…it’s just a shame that it took them 3 years after the original 3DS came out to figure that out, especially to certain gamers who bought a 3DS XL barely a year ago (and let not the certain gamer forget that they bought it a month before Nintendo announced the 2DS!) Let’s also hope that this doesn’t mean a “NEW” Wii U in the future, because that’ll be extra silly.

And with Xenoblade Chronicles getting announced for the N3DS, I wonder what other “exclusive software” is coming for the thing? Maybe some other last gen Nintendo stuff…or maybe some last gen games from other consoles like say…Dark Souls?! I’ve been championing for Dark Souls on a Nintendo console for a few years now, mainly because the second screen would make trying to traverse the weapons and items menu for those games a HELL of a lot better. They’re like dungeons in themselves.

OR, you know, NEW content to help justify the new hardware, that usually works. At least it’s not coming out this year outside of Japan, which is good because it’ll hopefully let the rest of Nintendo figure out just how the fucking hell are they going to advertise this thing, especially after the fiasco that was the Wii U when it came out?! Maybe just call it the N3DS…?

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